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15thSeptember, 2020

What To Do When Your Dentures Break

Broken Denture

It’s a sad fact of life: sometimes, dentures break. Broken dentures can impact more than just your winning smile – they can cause pain, financial difficulties, and eating challenges. 

Why do dentures break?

Dentures can break for many reasons. For example:

  • If they are not properly stored when not worn, they can be damaged if they fall to the floor or are stepped on
  • Micro flaws that are not visible to the eye can become stressed and fracture when subjected to extremes in temperature
  • Cleaning your dentures with very hot water can cause them to warp and weaken over time
  • A change in your bite can lead to misaligned wear, weakening the denture and leading to fracture.


The average person places about 70 pounds of force on their teeth when chewing – more if they grind their teeth in anger or frustration! Heavy pressure can lead to wear that can also cause your teeth to weaken over time.


Broken dentures can be painful

Dentures are carefully molded to fit your mouth. A break can cause discomfort or pain as they shift, pinch or poke in your mouth when speaking or eating. If the breakage leads to misalignment in the mouth, it can also cause jaw pain and headaches.


Can I repair my dentures myself?

There are many home dental repair kits on the market today, and you can repair minor breaks yourself in an emergency. We recommend thinking about a DIY dental repair the way you do the emergency spare tire on your car – it’ll do the job until you can seek professional assistance!

More significant breakages should be handled by a professional, however. A denturist can determine the best method of repair that will preserve the life of your denture and the health of your mouth.

Poorly repaired dentures can result in sharp surfaces that can dig into your gums. Gum sores can become infected, which can be a significant concern if your immune system is weak. A denturist can fill in fractures and smooth rough edges to ensure a pain-free fit.

Denture repair

Remember that dentures are precisely crafted to fit your mouth, and need to be repaired to the same exact specifications for the best results. A poorly repaired set of dentures is not going to save money – it could cost you more if you need to replace them because of poorly performed home repair!


How much does it cost to get dentures repaired?

The average cost of dental repair in Edmonton can range widely, depending on the nature of the break. Book a no-obligation consultation with us to discuss.


Where can I get my dentures repaired in Edmonton?

Esteem Denture Station is happy to repair your dentures for you! We can often accommodate a repair while you wait, fixing your smile and letting you get on with your day with minimal disruption. Call us today to book an appointment to get your dentures repaired!

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