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19thJune, 2020

What is a Denture Reline & How to Know if I Need It?

Are you having a painful experience everyday while wearing your denture? Perhaps, a denture reline treatment will provide immediate relief. Dentures are undoubtedly the most effective solution for missing or damaged teeth. By wearing a denture, you get back your natural-looking smile again and no one will even know that denture is the reason behind your beautiful smile! As a custom-made tooth replacement solution, dentures offer maximum comfort and the perfect fit. However, over time, denture wearers may experience some discomfort or changes in the denture fit. If you find yourself struggling with a loose denture or endure discomfort and pain while wearing your denture, you need denture relines straight away.

Denture Relines

What is a Denture Reline?

A denture fits perfectly for any patient who starts wearing a denture for the first time as it is created out of the mold after taking the impression of the patient’s mouth. However, the jaw bone and gums naturally change as one grows old and the denture that once adjusted perfectly on the gums, loses this ideal fit.

Denture relining is the process by which the denture is reshaped on the underside by repairing or reinforcing the denture surface with acrylics. As a result, the loose-fitting denture again fits securely and brings back comfort to the wearer. Not always there is a need for a new denture in case it becomes loose or you have problems wearing it. Denture relining can save the cost of making new dentures and hence, it is a cost-effective treatment.

Signs that Tell You Need Denture Relines

  1. Chipped/cracked dentures: Sometimes minor accidents, like slipping and falling down on the floor, can result in cracks, chips or pits in your dentures. Although such damages will not immediately impact the function of your denture, the denture will surely have uneven and sharp surfaces that can cut soft tissue and cause irritation on your gums. With a denture reline service, you can get such denture defects quickly corrected and prevent it from becoming a more serious problem. 
  1. Difficulty in chewing: One of the main reasons for wearing a denture is to chew food without any trouble. While it is normal to take some time to get your new dentures adjusted, if you have difficulty in chewing even later on, it is a sign that tells your dentures aren’t of the right shape of your gums and denture reline is the only solution. 
  1. Inconvenience: There is no chance of experiencing any discomfort if you have availed of a quality denture service. Visiting a denture clinic in Edmonton becomes imperative when you experience – 
  • Oral sores
  • Uneven pressure on your gums
  • Loose fit
  • Discomfort in the jaw

One of the most common problems for denture wearers is experiencing a sharp pain on canine teeth when biting food. In such a case, it is essential to inform your denturist about this issue at the earliest before it becomes worse.

  1. Change in facial shape: It is already known that teeth play a major role in helping us to chew food and speak. But did you know that teeth also keep your cheeks looking full and even? Although a teeth replacement solution, dentures are designed to function as effectively as your natural teeth. And you certainly need to reline your denture the moment you notice a change in your jawline appearance or cheeks.

 Conclusion: Besides the ones mentioned above, gum irritation, stains on your denture and bad breath are also equally important signs that indicate you need denture relines at the earliest. A problem with your denture doesn’t necessarily imply you need a new denture. By visiting a reputable denture clinic and opting for a denture reline service, you can restore comfort and get relief inexpensively. To know more about our denture reline service, call us on 780-428-0786.

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