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17thApril, 2020

Symptoms That Indicate You Need New Dentures

Missing teeth can cause a real blow to your self-esteem and can definitely cause a loss of confidence. Dentures offer many people a way to get the smile they want at a fraction of the cost of dental implants, for example. But if you’ve had your dentures in for some years now, how do you know when it’s time to have them replaced?

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Signs That You Need New Dentures

Ask any denturist in Edmonton about taking care of your dentures, and they’ll give you a nice long list of things to do to look after them. The problem is that some people are not even aware of when they need new dentures, so here are some signs that you should definitely make an appointment with a denture clinic in Edmonton to have your set repaired or replaced.

      1. You Are Having Trouble Chewing Your Food
        Dentures definitely take some time to get used to, but if you notice that it’s getting more and more difficult to chew your food, it could be that your dentures are the cause of the problem. Most people assume that dentures will last forever, but the fact is that any change in your experience of eating might mean that your dentures are not fitting properly.
        Dentures are meant to fit closely with your gums for maximum comfort. If your gums have changed shape or your dentures have somehow been damaged, it might be time for you to get new ones or for your old ones to be refitted.
      2. Cracks, Chips, and Other Damage
        Over time, most dentures will develop minor cracks and chips. Many of these can safely be ignored if they don’t impact on your ability to eat or cause any pain or discomfort. The problem is that as the damage increases, it can create sharp edges that irritate your mouth. In some cases, the dentures might even develop a major fracture or crack due to some weakness in the material the dentures are made from. Don’t wait to get these issues dealt with. Call local denture repair services.
      3. Your Speech Changes
        It’s normal to slur words or have some trouble talking when you first get your dentures installed, but if you notice that your speech is suffering all of a sudden, it might be because your dentures are not fitted properly or have come out of alignment. This is when you’ll need to consider denture relines.
      4. Your Dentures Smell or Become Stained
        Looking after dentures is something that everyone who has them needs to do properly every day. Sometimes, there can be defects in the material that the dentures are made from, causing odors to become persistent. If this is the case, they may need replacement.


Dentures can definitely make anyone feel better about their dental health and lift their sense of self-esteem. But sometimes, you need to have your dentures replaced or repaired, and it’s good to know when you should make an appointment with a denture in Northside clinic.

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