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13thMay, 2020

Why Must You Remove Dentures Before Going to Sleep at Night?

Almost every denture user is curious to know if wearing dentures while sleeping is a feasible practice. There might be different reasons for which the users want to keep wearing their artificial teeth even when going to bed. Some people might not like the “empty feeling” in their mouths, while others simply forget to remove their dentures before sleeping. However, if you seek an opinion from your denturist in Edmonton, he might suggest you not to wear dentures while going to bed. In this article, we discuss the reasons why sleeping with your dentures is not a healthy habit. Read further to learn more.

Modern Denture Care in Edmonton

Slowing Down The Bone Resorption Process

Resorption is a process in which our body breaks down the bones and prevent their regeneration. Although a natural and steady process, it progresses quite rapidly in denture users. The constant wearing of dentures creates pressure on your gums thereby preventing the growth of underlying bones.

As tooth resorption changes your jaw shape and facial appearance, you might have to get your dentures relined much before an expectant time. Although inevitable, these changes can still be delayed if your gums get adequate rest every day. Since you do not need dentures while sleeping, you can take them off before going to bed.

Following this practice will keep your mouth, gums, and bones in proper health and shape. Further, you will also be able to prolong the life of your dentures and be saved from getting a new set of artificial teeth.

Alleviating Gum Pressure and Sore Spots

Dentures are designed to be firm and comfortable, but they are not your natural teeth. So, there are a few rules you must follow when you are wearing them on a daily basis. While you may practice wearing your dentures for getting used to the new feeling inside your mouth, make sure not to overdo it.

Wearing dentures all day and night will exert pressure on gum tissues and underlying bones. As a consequence of which, you might experience gum irritation, sore spots, bacterial infections, and several other problems in and around your mouth areas.

Taking your dentures off before sleeping is a good solution to the above-discussed problems. This will allow your gum tissues to heal and rest thereby reducing the possibility of getting sore spots.

Proper Denture Care Tips and Routine

Constant wearing can expose your dentures to mouth bacteria, and as a result of this, your artificial teeth become susceptible to staining and even develop foul odour. To keep your dentures fresh and functional, you should follow modern denture care instructions by your denturist.

Wearing dentures while sleeping can affect your oral health adversely. Hence, you should remove them before going to bed and store them in a cleanser-filled container for soaking overnight. Once you wake up in the morning, you can simply brush your dentures and wear them again.

Conclusion – Dentures can solve your problem of missing teeth effectively. But one must remember that these are artificial teeth and have different hygiene requirements. One of those requirements is removing your dentures before going to sleep at night. To know other denture care tips, you can visit or contact a denturist in Edmonton today.

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