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Complete & Partial Denture Services


Complete & Partial Dentures

Do you have one or more missing teeth? You may benefit from custom dentures.

At Esteem Denture Station, we specialize in both full and partial denture services. Our solutions help restore your smile.

Dentures provide a natural look and comfortable fit. Replacing missing teeth also protects against further decay, injury, and gum disease.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation at our Edmonton denture clinic or explore our complete and partial denture solutions.

Complete Dentures

Our complete denture solutions are designed to replace entire arches of missing teeth. The process requires several appointments starting with an initial consultation.

The first step is taking an accurate impression (mould) of your upper and/or lower jaw. We then send the impression to a qualified denture laboratory for additional examination.

Follow-up appointments at our dental implants clinic in Edmonton are needed to adjust the shape and get a proper fit. We work with you to match the colour of the gum tissue and teeth for a completely natural look.

We also provide easy-to-follow care instructions to increase the life of your new dentures. Proper cleaning protects against wear and tear while also promoting good oral hygiene.

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Partial Dentures

Dentures help fill the space where multiple teeth are missing, protecting the underlying gum tissue and preventing adjacent teeth from shifting. Creating custom partial dentures follows a similar process compared to complete dentures.

We first create an impression of the jaws and send the moulds to a lab for fabrication. A follow-up appointment allows us to adjust the dentures for a perfect match.

Partial dentures include a resin base fitted with one or more artificial teeth. As with complete dentures, you can remove them for cleaning and wear them while eating or drinking.

Over time, the dentures may start to lose their snugness. When this occurs, we offer reliable Edmonton partial relines to restore the stability of your dentures.

How Long Does the Process Take?

The amount of time depends on the condition of your smile and the type of dentures. Partial dentures typically take less time and involve fewer visits to our Kingsway denture clinic as you are replacing fewer teeth. With complete dentures, the process takes 1 to 2 weeks.

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Who Should Consider Getting Dentures?

Anyone with missing teeth or advanced tooth decay may benefit from full and partial denture services. Difficulty chewing or speaking may also indicate the need for dentures.

Some of the primary advantages of natural-looking dentures include:

  • Improve your smile
  • Support facial muscles
  • Improve your speech
  • Restore your natural bite
  • Boost your confidence

Bone loss is another issue that occurs at the sites of missing teeth. This may cause facial muscles to sag, which increases the signs of aging. The gaps from the missing teeth also expose your gums to food particles and bacteria.

Many people put off getting dentures due to a lack of information. You may assume that dentures are uncomfortable and difficult to wear while chewing or speaking.

Today’s partial and complete denture solutions are designed to provide functionality and comfort. You can wear them with no real limitations to eating or drinking and easily take them out for cleaning at night. In fact, getting dentures may improve your speech and ability to chew.

Most dental insurance plans also cover the cost of new dentures.

To get started on your new dentures, contact the best denturist in Edmonton.

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