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15thApril, 2020

The Importance of Your Six-Month Check-Up

Once you’ve had your new set of dentures fitted, the process doesn’t stop there. There will be regular six-month appointments for you to attend with your denturist in Edmonton. But why should you keep going back to your denture clinic in Edmonton every six months?

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Make Sure You’re Looking after Them Properly

Dentures need to be cleaned properly if they are to service you well in the long run. No matter how good your intentions, this is not always easy. Having those six-month check-ups with your denturist means that they can keep an eye on how things are going.

They can check how well-fitted they are, for example. Dentures that have come loose or which don’t fit properly may need adjustments or denture relines.

Many people who wear dentures might not even realize when their dentures are not fitting well and causing them problems. For example, if your speech suddenly becomes slurred or you find that you’re salivating more than normal, it could mean that your dentures are not tightly fitted. Likewise, if you’re having trouble chewing food, this may also indicate that your dentures need to be refitted by local denture repair services.

In this context, seeing your denturist once every six months is about more than just having a chat. It enables them to check how well your dentures are fitted and how comfortable they are for you. After all, dentures are intended to not only look natural, but also function just like normal teeth and be comfortable.

Checking for Denture Defects

Dentures will often develop minor cracks and chips over time. This is perfectly normal, and can be easily and quickly filled and repaired by a professional denturist.

The problem is that sometimes there can be a defect in the material that the dentures are made from. This weakness can reveal itself over time and create more than just regular fractures and cracks. At times, this extra damage can even become quite uncomfortable for your mouth. Your six-month appointment gives your denturist a chance to check for any damage to your dentures and see if there is any material weakness.

Sometimes, dentures also start to develop a foul smell. Normal cleaning generally gets rid of this issue, but sometimes the smell remains no matter what you do. This can be due to a material defect in the dentures. In this case, your six-month appointment gives your dentist the opportunity to check out the health of the dentures.


It might be frustrating, but your six-month check-ups with your denture in Northside clinic provide your dentist with the opportunity to check on the health of your dentures and also your own dental health.

Not every denture is going to be perfect, and the six-month check-ups are intended to sort out any issues and ensure that they are doing the job they are supposed to do. In this context, the six-month appointments are really an ongoing investment in your future.

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