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12thMay, 2020

Benefits of Getting Your Dentures Relined

Dentures can be an effective solution to your problem of missing teeth. However, with daily usage, even high-quality dentures can become ill-fitting and loose. Moreover, reasons like shrinkage of gum tissues and changes in the facial structure can also lead to the loosening of dentures. Should you want your dentures to remain functional for a long time, you must get them relined or adjusted when needed. There are several other reasons why you should go for denture relines. Want to find out the other benefits? Keep reading below. 

Denture Reline Service in Edmonton

 Prevent Gum Irritation 

 Dentures are supposed to fit into your gums firmly, but when loose, these artificial teeth will constantly rub against your mouth causing gum irritation and inflammation. Along with the gum problem, you can also experience pain, cuts, and blisters in various areas of your mouth.

 Ill-fitting dentures may affect your ability to speak and chew food adversely. Excessive salivation from uneven bits and slurry speech can be embarrassing and may lead to oral infections.

 If you do not want to suffer from all the aforementioned problems, then get your dentures fixed by an experienced denturist without any delay. Taking the right step can save you from encountering serious dental problems later.

 Increase Longevity of Your Dentures

 Unlike the well-fitting dentures, the loose ones distribute the pressure unevenly on your gum tissue. So, when you try to fit them inside your mouth forcefully, these slack dentures can get broken or cracked from the overexerted pressure points. Once damaged, they become non-repairable wherein you have no option but to get yourself a brand-new set of artificial teeth again.

 However, you can prevent all such complications from cropping up by seeing a denturist and engaging the denture reline service in Edmonton at the right time. So, book an appointment at the Esteem Denture Station to get your dentures relined and continue using them in the long run.

 Experience a Better Fit

 Ill-fitting dentures make you feel uncomfortable and double your trouble instead of reducing it. Firstly, the slurry speech resulting from loose dentures can make anyone embarrassed and self-conscious. Secondly, when it comes to chewing, you may end up biting your tongue and the sides of your mouth by mistake. Moreover, food particles trapped inside loose dentures can cause foul odour and disturb your oral hygiene.

 On the other hand, having your dentures relined can be beneficial in a number of ways. With your dentures back in shape, you can talk fluently and confidently. Relined dentures will fit your gums firmly thereby making it easier for you to chew food properly.

 From the aesthetic point of view, firm and well-aligned dentures make your face appear to be fuller and appealing. It might come as a surprise but denture relines can keep your jaw bone healthy by preventing any chances of atrophy.


Conclusion – Well-fitting dentures promote and maintain your oral health, while slack ones can result in several complications like gum problems, infections, and much more. However, you can keep these problems at bay by taking the right steps. Loose dentures can easily be fixed, provided you consult an experienced denturist and seek modern denture reline service in Edmonton. As soon as you observe the prominent signs, you must book a consultation at a reputable denture clinic. Getting the right kind of help shall boost your confidence and improve your appearance.

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